Ode to ROK:BRGR.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re squinting your eyes, trying to figure out how to pronounce that strange word in the title, sounding the letters out loud. It’s okay, it took me a minute the first time I saw it, too.

ROCK-BURGER. Say it with me. Got it?


Now allow me to gush for a moment.

ROK:BRGR is, hands down, one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. It’s not fancy, it’s not in NYC, San Francisco, New Orleans or even South Beach, and it doesn’t have any Michelin stars. It’s located in a quaint little section of Old Fort Lauderdale, on the bar-filled Himmarshee Street, and it’s a gastropub. Some may even place it in the too-trendy category, and roll their eyes at the extensive list of craft brews, signature cocktails and pseudo-pretentious grub, but I think this is one gastropub that can actually talk the talk.

ROK:BRGR makes what Connor and I swear is, hands down, the BEST cocktail either of us has ever tasted – their version of an Old Fashioned, simply called the “ROK Old Fashion.”

The ROK Old Fashion is a mixture of a house-made bacon-infused Maker’s Mark bourbon, maple syrup, bitters, and an orange slice. I know, I know, y’all are over the whole bacon-in-everything trend, but as trendy as this drink is, it’s the simplicity behind it that shines through. It tastes like the Deep South in a glass.

Now I’m the kind of person who finds one thing she likes at a restaurant, and then always orders the same exact meal during each visit. ย When I find something I like, I stick to it – with food and pretty much in life. I’m stubborn like that.

But not at ROK:BRGR. Every time I visit I try something new, and I’ve not yet been disappointed. In fact, Connor and I realized today that we are always completely blown away by the food or drink at ROK:BRGR. Nothing is just good, or even great. Mind-blowingly delicious, I tell you.

Just trust me. I found out earlier this week that I passed the Florida bar exam, which makes me a smarty-pants. So you have to listen to me.

And I say run to ROK:BRGR. Unless you’re not local, in which case you should just make a mental note to stop by next time you’re in South Florida, and be insanely jealous of those of us lucky to frequent the place.

And by the way – what you see above are the Tempura-Battered Fried Pickles with a Smoked Ranch Dip and their Sliders Grand Tasting. Two each of the following three sliders:

Kobe Beef – american kobe, 4-year aged vermont cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion, chipotle ketchup

Meatball – house meatballs, whipped ricotta, baby arugula, splash of marinara

Short Rib – pulled short rib, fontina cheese, caramelized onion, red wine reduction

Sigh. Those descriptions just don’t do the sliders justice.

Just go and see for yourself.

ROK:BRGR burger bar + gastropub on Urbanspoon

9 thoughts on “Ode to ROK:BRGR.

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  2. Arty

    More ROK shill noise in the blogosphere. When I see a business that needs tricks and gimmicks to get people in, it makes me think that they must not have a very good product.

    1. Princess Aioli Post author

      I just happen to really love their food and drinks, and I’ve always had great service there. I live within walking distance from Himmarshee, so I’m at all those restaurants/bars often. For me, Rok Brgr has been consistent with food and service, and that’s all that matters to me.

      I have read that others have not had the same experiences, but I can only write about my own. Thank you for voicing the other side.


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